About Us

The Biker Cafe was started by myself (Spree) after years of surfing the web for motorcycle related content and is run on a day to day basis by a small group of unpaid administrators¬† What we think makes our website stand out is the level of interactivity and broad range of content provided to our readers. That isn’t to say that The Biker Cafe is better than any of the others web sites available – just that we are taking a different approach to some of the other web sites at the moment.

The administrators of Biker Cafe are a very small group of ordinary, like minded bikers that also have a keen interest in the internet – and yes we do actually ride bikes!

We currently have full press access to most of the major racing teams, motorcycle companies and the site is updated on a daily basis. We are currently working hard to get some exclusive reports and are looking to increase the number of motorcycle reviews for our readers.

The Biker Cafe does not and will never charge a subscription for access to our content but registered members do have access to some areas of the site that are not available to the general public. The funding for the site is provided by advertising and affiliation agreements with motorcycle related and other various product providers.

The intention of The Biker Cafe is to provide an online motorcycling resource that is both informative and entertaining to read for all types of motorcyclist and as such any insulting or racist comments posted by our readers will be removed immediately. The person posting offensive or racist material may also be banned from  the site.

We strongly suggest that anyone thats reads this site should take a look at out “terms and conditions” which is located¬†here