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Q: Why do I have to register to be able to access certain sections of the site?

A:  The main reason for this is to prevent spam, if you register with a valid email address your registration can be verified to some degree. Although this form of security isn’t ideal, it can catch some spammers in the net and will allow us to take some sort of action.

Q: How will you use my details?

A: You can rest assured that we will not give any of your details out to anyone else. The main use of your details will be used to notify you of major site developments, i.e. if we are having server problems or the site is going to be taken down for any reason. They will not be used for marketing or spam of any kind. We have an up and coming newsletter, but that will be a matter of choice as to whether you decide to subscribe to it or not.

Q: Can I post my own content on the site?

A: Certainly you can , that is one of the main features of the site, as a registered member you will see another menu on the left hand side. There are features within this that will allow you to post content, photo’s, place free ads etc. With more features to come.

Q: Am I likely to incur any subscription costs?

A: No, not at all. The sites running costs are hopefully going to be offset by advertising and sponsorship. As you can see on the site now, there are banners and even an Amazon shop. There is also some pay per click advertising throughout the site. All we ask is that if there is something we advertise that you are looking for – try our sponsors. These advertisers are not put there randomly, we do research the suppliers and place what we think is useful products on the site