Alex Lowes says he expects to be back in action at round four of the British Superbike Championship at Thruxton following his shocking departure from the WFR Honda squad.

Lowes, who leads the SuperBike Evo standings by 60 points was axed after he refused to sign a 10 year management contract with the Yorkshire based team WFR Honda.

Lowes has been taken back by his treatment at the hands of his former team but is looking to the future and confident in making a swift return.


“I would ride anything really, but it would be nice to be on a Sup

erbike and get into the top six on a regular basis,” explained Lowes. ”I’ve already been on the phone trying to sort something out. A few people have been ringing me up, which has been nice and hopefully I’ll be on something at Thruxton.”

The obvious candidate is the MSS Colchester Kawasaki team who Lowes tested for last year. The teams star rider Stuart Easton suffered a serious leg injury at practice at the North West 200 yesterday. He will be missing several rounds after after breaking his pelvis and several fingers after a collision with team-mate Gary Mason. Another candidate is the the Louth-based HM Plant Honda team.


Meanwhile, Lowes has revealed he was left in an impossible situation by WFR. He claimed he was bullied and blackmailed into  signing a long-term management contract with the team.

“After Oulton Park, I was sent a contract without any warning,” he explained.”It was a 20-page document which would’ve tied me to a management contract 10 years after I left the team. ”I let other people who have more knowledge of contracts than me look at it. They said it was ridiculous and told me not to sign it. ”We had an agreement in place that I would ride for the team this year. ”I would’ve preferred to have signed a contract, but they said it would be fine.”


Lowes said he was put under more pressure from WFR management during last weekend’s meeting at Croft.

“At Croft I was told to sign it or the ride would be taken away from me. They said it was non-negotiable,” he added.”They basically tried to blackmail me into signing it. ”I said I hadn’t had chance to read through it all and told them there was no point me not riding on Sunday as we were already there.

Lowes went on to finish fifth and 11th overall and won the Evo class in both races. He believes he was being singled out by the team because of his potential.

“The thing that gets me is that there are two other riders in the team (Glen Richards and Graeme Gowland) and they haven’t been made to sign this contract,” he said. ”And I imagine the rider they get to replace me won’t be made to sign it either. They were just trying to make money off me. ”Even if I wanted a manager, they wouldn’t be the type of people I would want to be managed by.

“They didn’t even tell me that they’d sacked me. I only found out on Wednesday when my mum rang me and said she’d seen it on Twitter. ”Don’t get me wrong, the mechanics are great and they gave me a great bike.

“But the people who run the team aren’t bike people. If I’d been running near the front but then dropped back later in the race, they’d ask ‘why did you drop back?’ Even though I was on an Evo bike (which has around 30bhp less than a top Superbike).”

While frustrated by this week’s events, Lowes believes he did the right thing by not signing for the team.

“They tried to bully me into signing a contract, but I would’ve have been stupid to do it. I’m best off out of the team,” he said.

A WFR statement said: “Contract terms are often viewed differently between those involved, and although we have done our best to explain what we feel is a fair and equitable agreement, it seems Alex is not able to commit.

“As such, we have withdrawn our offer of the ride and Alex is now free to negotiate his own position.”


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