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Bikers in Norwich have condemned plans for a Big Brother-style system to stop them speeding saying it could cause more accidents than it prevents.

Under proposals endorsed by roads minister Stephen Ladyman this week motorbikes could be fitted with a tracking device which cuts power to riders’ throttles when they go too fast.

With the Intelligent Speed Adaptation system, a sensor feeds information about a bike’s speed to a satellite which then sends a warning back to the rider in the form of a beeping in their helmet.

Those who ignore the warnings will have their throttle gradually shut down.

Keith Cotgrove, 53, runs Arrow Motorcycle Training in Hevingham and has been riding for most of his life.

He said: “I would give up riding bikes if the situation was made compulsory. It is one of the most crazy ideas that could be forced upon the motorcycle world.

“It creates a situation where you cannot control your own destiny.

“Imagine you’re going along at 50mph and there is a situation where you need to accelerate to get out of trouble and you can’t.

“The only way you can get round a corner on a bike is by the force of the rear wheel and by leaning the bike. If you lean the bike and loose power and you are turning left then you’re going to drift into on-coming traffic. If you are turning right then you are going to go into the tree on the corner.

“I do thousands of miles every year and there are quite a lot of situations where the only way you can get yourself out of trouble is by accelerating.”

“If you do not have that option then you are in trouble.

“There is no doubt this would cause some horrific accident.”

Other experienced bikers agree.

Simon Gilchrist, 26, of Couzens Hardy Road said: “I would not like someone else operating the brake when I am riding.

“It could cause more accidents.”

Dale Wiseman, 43, of Cheyney Avenue, Salhouse, said: “I have been riding bikes for many years and I would be against it.

“It’s like Big Brother and it takes away the freedom of riding a bike.
“It’s dangerous – there are a lot of times I have been able to get out of trouble by accelerating.

”Kevin Clinton, head of road safety at the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, said: “The Intelligent Speed Adaptation is likely to be very effective at reducing deaths and injuries on the road. It is being developed and trialled at the moment and the sooner it is enforced, the better.
“It has to be done in a way that does not cause the motorcyclist a problem and that is what the research and trials are looking at.”


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