A group of bikers is planning to demonstrate against the rising cost of fuel with a mass ride into Edinburgh.

The event has been organised by the web forum which has about 1,100 members. Organisers are hoping several hundred people will take part.

Their plan involves riding from the M90 Kinross services on Saturday, towards Edinburgh, around the city-bypass and into the centre of the capital.

One biker said they did not want lorry drivers to be the only focus.

The exact route has not been finalised and organisers are planning to speak with the police this week.

The bikers, who are expecting people to travel from across the country to take part, will meet on Edinburgh’s Grassmarket once they reach the capital.

Strong feelings

One biker, who only gave his name as Stephen, said: “We have contacted a number of bike clubs across Scotland from Dundee to Aberdeen. A lot of people will turn up.

“Indications are that there will be well over a hundred, possibly a lot more. There will be some classic bikes there too.”

He said feelings within the biking community were high and the bikers were hoping to cause traffic disruption to highlight their views.

“It is really quite strong in the bike community,” he said. “We feel that the spotlight is on lorry drivers but they are not the only ones and we want to highlight that by what we are going to do.”

The group said it does not intend to make all of its plans known to the police and is expecting opposition from them.

Protest details

Saturday 28th June, 12 noon, Kinross Services, Jct6 M90

A Fife Police escort will be provided at approx 45 mph heading South on the M90. For safety reasons both lanes of the Southbound carriageway will be for our use.

When we reach the Welldean Layby (just North of Forth Road Bridge ) Lothian & Borders officers will take over escort, and will facilitate riders who have met at the layby to join the group. (we will not be stopping en masse) Riders wishing to join from this layby should be there by 12.15.

We will then be escorted by Lothian officers along the new M9 link road, onto the M9, and onto the M8. Again speed will be 40-45mph, traffic will be controlled so the group stays together, and both lanes will be available.

At the end of the M8, we reach Hermiston Gate. This will be the 2nd join-on point, and again officers will facilitate riders merging onto the group. Again we will not be stopping. To join here, be there for 12.30 please.

The group will then proceed down the A71, Calder Rd, etc and end up on Lothian Rd. We will be escorted toKings Stables Rd ( Below and in front of Castle and adjacent Prices St Gardens) There will be a stop here for 1 hr. (ETA of 1.30pm) We have asked if additional Porta-loos can be provided at this location, and there are public toilets nearby. Local Police are to enforce parking restrictions on this road on the Saturday to ensure plenty of space for bikes.

You also get to take your holiday snaps with the Castle in the background.

After the 1hr stop, we will be escorted back onto Lothian Rd, across Princes St, onto Queensferry St, and from there out Queensferry Rd to Barnton. At the Barnton Junction the Police escort will fall away. This will facilitate people either turning left towards the Airport, and roads South and West, or continuing on the A90 towards the Forth Road Bridge.

From this point your route is your own choice, but we will hand out information at the start of the day on local bike friendly eating places,etc if you wish to partake before heading home.

To make a point clear ………… this route has been agreed to try and give maximum exposure to what we are doing, within the constraints of multiple other parades and marches being policed that day, and in short is the best we could hope for.

Make the most of it, get on your bike and come along and demonstrate that we are ALL fed up with being double-taxed on fuel.

Support if you can, and tell every biker you know.


Fifebikers Team.


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