The distinctive and lively ANF125i Innova was first introduced to the European market in 2003 as a swift, stylish and highly economical step-through runabout for both young new riders and those with more experience who also feel young at heart. Its bright and attractive sense of style and panache extends through sleek, full-coverage bodywork and remarkably comfortable accommodations to give its rider a zesty taste of refreshing style that catches the eye and sets the scene for fun days ahead. Providing a comfortable ride and easy operation, the Innova’s modern form exudes a sleekly urbane sense of elegance that has proved especially appealing to younger riders looking for a bit of easy, high value fun while zipping about from place to place.

Now four years in production, it was felt that the Innova was being followed by other new bikes on the scene, and that a rejuvenation of its liveliest points of attraction was called for. While maintaining its basic overall styling features, the Innova’s bodywork received high-quality, detailed modifications that greatly emphasise its sporty good looks and exhilarating performance.

The Innova has also won wide respect and devotion for its strong emphasis on low operating costs and long-term reliability, as exhibited by its world-proven, time-tested 4-stroke engine technology and quality construction. For 2007, this strong, dependable performance has been brought further up to date with the addition of new electronic fuel injection and low-emissions systems for smoother and stronger operation, and significant improvements to its already low fuel consumption and exhaust emissions, ensuring full compliance with Europe’s strict EURO-3 emissions regulations, an unprecedented achievement for an air-cooled engine.

With its great looks, wide range of easy operating features, strong performance, miserly fuel economy and remarkably low price, the new-generation Innova will surely prove to offer a strong attraction and follow in the trail of its predecessor to become a popular fixture on the streets of cities, towns and meeting places the length and breadth of Europe.




The new Innova never fails to attract admiring glances with its sleek and modern big wheel scooter styling, which integrates slim proportions and gently curving lines with a swift-looking image that fits right in on both city streets and beachside promenades, providing an exciting expression of light-hearted enjoyment and good times ahead.

Sleeker New Design
The Innova’s distinctive full-coverage ‘Cub’-style bodywork is even sleeker and more stylish in its new 2007 version. Subtle yet effective changes to such details as its front nose and leg shields emphasise its sporty disposition, while the lines of its side and seat cowls taper up and back to further accentuate its look of speedy nimbleness. New louvred air vents lend a touch of style to the sides of its step-through body, while behind its spacious and comfortable tandem seat a newly designed cast aluminium grab rail provides passengers with a comfortable and secure hand grip on trips around town.
The Innova’s controls and instrument panel are essentially unchanged from its original design, and feature handy push-to-cancel indicator switch, an LCD odometer, a 6-segment electronic fuel gauge and a 4-segment LED gear indicator for instantly recognisable readout of all running conditions.


The Innova’s steering head assembly mounts a larger new multi-reflector headlight that’s fitted with a brilliant new halogen bulb for a longer range of illumination that greatly facilitates night-time riding. The corners of its front cowl integrate newly designed indicators with flush-mounted lenses, while under its tail resides a brilliant, elegantly styled new tail-light.


The Innova’s sleeker and more stylish looking new bodywork is highlighted by elegant lines and superb quality of construction. Its four attractive new two-tone colour variations excite the eye with a look of luxury that pays further compliments to its exciting urban sense of style.
Leading off is a brilliant two-tone metallic silver that attractively accentuates the Innova’s sinewy curves in a glistening lustre of modern European style. The new Innova looks especially fast and potent in a fathomless sparkling metallic black, complemented by a neutral metallic brown. In eye-catching candy red and orange, the Innova brightens every scene it becomes a part of, while in rich two-tone candy blue, it seems to bring along the glistening hues of the seaside wherever it roams.

  • Force Silver Metallic (with Terra Silver Metallic)
  • Asteroid Black Metallic (with Titanium Metallic)
  • Candy Beam Red (with Candy Foggy Orange)
  • Candy Caribbean Blue Sea (with Candy Lightning Blue)


Maintaining its reputation for dependable performance since its 2003 debut, the Innova’s dependable air-cooled single-cylinder engine incorporates proven Honda 4-stroke technology for strong, satisfying performance and exceptional long-term, low-maintenance reliability. Its overhead cam (OHC) valve actuation system helps ensure a strong surge of power to carry a rider and passenger long distances with speed, comfort and confident ease, and its easy one-touch electric starting system combines with an all-new electronic fuel injection system and fully electronic ignition to ensure quick, reliable starts anywhere and anytime, from warm seasides to cold mountain passes.

New PGM-FI Fuel Injection System
Perhaps the most significant change in the new Innova is the addition of its new PGM-FI fuel injection system, which provides exceptionally easy starting and strong, responsive performance in virtually all riding conditions. A compact Idle Air Control Valve (IACV) minutely controls the volume of air passing through the fuel injection throttle body to maintain steady idling and smooth low-rpm response that ensures incomparable riding ease for anyone from expert to beginner.

New Catalytic HECS3 Low-Emissions System
The Innova’s engine is also easy on both the environment and the pocketbook, with its advanced new fuel injection system realising exceptional fuel economy and ultra-low exhaust emissions. This is augmented by a proven HECS3 oxygen-sensing clean emissions system that features a high-efficiency 300-cell catalyser element installed in-line in the exhaust system to ensure easy compliance with strict EURO-3 exhaust emissions regulations while maintaining a strong balance of performance.

Easy-Operation Rotary Transmission
As before, the Innova features a semi-automatic centrifugal clutch and 4-speed rotary transmission that shifts gears at the press of a pedal, without requiring manual clutch actuation. A rugged new Exedy clutch ensures ultra-reliable long-term operation. The transmission’s rotary configuration permits convenient shifting directly from top gear to neutral after coming to a complete stop, rather than having to downshift through all the gears.



Unchanged from its first debut, the Innova’s sleek and slim proportions are supported by a sturdy step-through frame that’s built on a large, single, rectangular-section steel backbone linking the steering head to the rear engine hanger and swingarm pivot plates.
Suspension duties continue to be handled by a compliant smooth-action 26mm leading-axle hydraulic front fork that delivers quick and confident control, and a pair of conventional rear dampers that absorb the bumps of the road to provide a comfortable and highly enjoyable ride for one or two.
The Innova’s large-diameter 17″ wire spoke wheels are stopped by a strong and responsive 220mm dual-piston calliper front disk brake and a 110mm leading/trailing shoe rear drum brake for an optimised balance of easy and dependable braking control.


Type Air-cooled 4-stroke SOHC single
Displacement 124.8cm3
Bore x Stroke 52.4 x 57.9mm
Compression Ratio 9.3: 1
Max. Power Output 6.84kW/7,500min-1 (95/1/EC)
Max. Torque 10.1Nm/3,000min-1 (95/1/EC)
Idling Speed 1,400min-1
Oil Capacity 0.8litres
Fuel System  
Carburation PGM-FI electronic fuel injection
Throttle Bore 22mm
Aircleaner Dry, cartridge-type paper filter
Fuel Tank Capacity 3.7litres
Electrical System  
Ignition System Fully transistorised with electronic advance
Ignition Timing 15° BTDC (idle) ~ 37° BTDC (3,000min-1)
Sparkplug Type CPR6EA-9 (NGK); U20EPR9 (ND)
Starter Electric/Neutral kick
Battery Capacity 12V/5AH
Headlight 12V, 35W x 1 (low)/35W x 1 (high)
Clutch Centrifugal; automatic
Transmission Type 4-speed; rotary
Primary Reduction 3.350 (67/20)
Gear Ratios 1 2.500 (35/14)
2 1.550 (31/20)
3 1.150 (23/20)
4 0.923 (24/26)
Final Reduction 2.500 (35/14)
Final Drive Enclosed roller chain
Type Low-deck Mono-Backbone; rectangular-section steel tube
Dimensions (LxWxH) 1,896 x 727 x 1,079mm
Wheelbase 1,240mm
Caster Angle 26° 30′
Trail 73.6mm
Turning Radius 1.9m
Seat Height 778mm
Ground Clearance 139mm
Dry Weight 100.4kg
Kerb Weight 105.5kg (F: 43.4kg; R: 62.1kg)
Max. Carrying Capacity 170kg
Loaded Weight 254kg (F: 72kg; R: 182kg)
Type Front 26mm telescopic fork, 80.5mm axle travel
Rear Dual damper unit swingarm, 81.6mm axle travel
Type Front Steel rim/wire spoke
Rear Steel rim/wire spoke
Rim Size Front 17M/C x 1.4
Rear 17M/C x 1.6
Tyre Size Front 70/100-17M/C (40P)
Rear 80/90-17M/C (50P)
Tyre Pressure Front 200kPa
Rear 200kPa (with passenger: 250kPa)
Type Front 220mm hydraulic disc with dual-piston calliper
Rear 110mm leading/trailing drum
All specifications are provisional and subject to change without notice.



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