Kawasaki has had a dual sport bike on offer for many years. KLR 600, KLR 650, KLE 500, KLV 650 and so on. The new Versys is more road than offroad and the new model is looking to cater for an increasing group of riders that wants something that looks and rides a little bit like a supermoto for the fun side of riding and comfortable as a sports tourer for commuting.


Versys features the same 650cc parallel twin from last years ER6 models, but with a few chassis changes. The new aluminium banana swing arm is one of the more striking features.



Due to the special mounting of the rear shock we suspect the new swing arm might have been necessary to increase the rear ride height to suit the new long-stroke front suspension. Front fork is now USD and all brake discs the petal type.

The engine has been set up to respond effortlessly from all stages of rhe rev range. ABS is optional and the new windscreen is adjustable. Available in black, silver and orange. Versys stands for Versatile systems.

When tuning the 649 cm³ Parallel Twin engine of the new Kawasaki Versys, the engineers’ first priority was to find throttle response that balanced a powerful feeling and a quick-revving character. To optimise performance for everyday riding, care was taken to maximise low-mid range torque.
• Intake and exhaust cams with short operating angles move the torque curve toward the lower end of the rpm range.
• To achieve smooth power and torque curves, the exhaust system makes use of a balance tube.

• Fuel injection settings for the Versys were selected primarily to deliver a strong powerful feeling when the throttle is opened.

• Performance and feel were optimised for the mid-range (3,000-6,000 rpm).

The above settings result in a performance that favours speeds most used in everyday riding: the range in and around 80-120 km/h.


Model Year 2007
Engine type Liquid-cooled, 4- stroke parallel twin tuned for low-mid rpm torque response
Displacement 649 cm³ capacity
Suspension, front Upside-down fork Fully adjustable long-stroke suspension
Suspension, rear Gull-type aluminium swingarm
Brakes, front Petal-disc brakes
Brakes, rear Petal-disc brakes
Complies to EU emission limit EURO 3


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