Is it a car? – Is it a bike? You make up your own mind!

The Ultimate Automobile

Ferry Porsche once remarked that the Ultimate Automobile surely would be a sportscar. With this he intended to point out that products of limited usefulness still can be sold even under restricting circumstances and that real fun cannot be substituted by anything reasonable. Except by still more real fun. Driving MonoTracer is flying at 2 feet seat height. Fast, very fast if need be. But even more important today: Also “MonoTracing” at or within legal speed-limits has that special something. Viewed from the cockpit the world definitely looks friendlier…


Small Series Shortcomings?

We quote Porsche and talk about the 911 because we all are fans of this icone of sportscar production. So are many of our clients. How many prototypes of the 911 models were ever built by Porsche? Frankly speaking we don’t know. What we know, however, is that we’ve built 90 MonoTracer-prototypes called ECOMOBILE. They accumulated more than 12 mio. kms during the last 20 years. With 10 such vehicles we already cris-crossed the USA in 1996 from Atlanta to Montana and back, 11’000 kms within 3 weeks, from the burning heat of Arizona to the icy rockies, without one single technical problem. Tinkering we leave to do-it-yourself homebuilders.

Flies on the teeth and the 911- Syndrome

We admit that no arguing motivates genuine motorcycle buffs for a change to cabin motorcycles. Or converts cast iron 911-hands. Both sportscar and motorcycle rightly have their adherents and fans. They only can be brought to consider a change by having them put into the back seat for a swervery drive and immediately all recognize MonoTracer to be an optimum cut from a sporty touring motorcycle to a “real” sportscar without excessive fat. And with year round daily fun and usefulness….


Leaning angles – Liberty we enjoy

The best motorcycle tires for highway use on the market today allow leaning angles of ~ 55 degrees. Out of 100 superbike-owners in the GSX-R, Fireblade, Ninja, K1200S, R1 and 999R league maybe 20 have ever leaned their machines over 40 degrees. A maximum of ~5 regularly will use more than 45 degrees. And most of those sporty riders will limit the leaning angle by excessive „hanging off“ with their knees, thus limiting also their speed in turns. MonoTracer with it’s „knee“ (the retracted stabilizer tire) on the street surface has ~ 52 degrees leaning angle and allows for turning circles and curve speeds otherwise only obtainable by top 2-wheel-cracks. Of course dry and clean roads are preconditional. Without danger then. But absolutely spectacular.

Expanding the concept of driving – for whom?

It’s an international clientele who will buy a MonoTracer. Surely they firstly will need the means. But for 52’500 Euros (Basic price without taxes) also a Cayman, SLK or Z4 can be bought. Without the exclusivity guaranteed by an annual production of 100 vehicles only. And providing the 911-performance with, simultaneously, in addition putting a (free!) superbike’s leaning clearance into the garage…. Many of our clients have 911-experience, an academic formation, a pilot’s license and know the Nurburgring not only from the playstation. All are old adherents of mototcycling. Many have reached the age of possible rheumatism, over 40. Most have to be at work on Monday, without suffering from aching consequences of a racing weekend. Ideally commuting there by the everyday-useful MonoTracer.

Land of the MonoTracer – Switzerland?

Nowhere more radar speed traps seem to be set up then at home here in Switzerland. The number of high-tech-firms with interacting know-how also seems to be higher than anywhere else. This environment of course helps to hit on the idea, after only 3000 years from the invention of the wheel and after amply 120 years of cars and motorcycles, to create a third and truly different class of vehicles. With some 50 such vehicles having been present for 2 decades on the streets of Switzerland the cabin motorcycle already has become a somehow familiar look on our roads here. With MonoTracer now modern design also will be infused.

Design & More

For decades the first rule for excellent design has been „form follows function“. The cabin motorcycle was born with this law in the cradle. For MonoTracer rather more emphasis was put on formal details like surface finish, detail workmanship, selection of materials, joint gap tolerances ect. so that a comparison with top vehicles of big manufacturers both in the 2- and 4-wheel-leagues will not reveal any lower standard. To achieve that goal MonoTracer has been developed with the help of suppliers to the very biggest players on the vehicle market.

Facts & Figures

Vehicle body & structure

Self-supporting composite-monocoque made from glass-, kevlar- and carbon tissues bonded by epoxy-resin reinforced with crash and roll bars. Engine frame, steering head and stabilizer axles made from aircraft grade alloy steel. Front suspension Marzocchi 50mm USD-fork, rear Monolever shaft swingarm. Gull-wing- door with integrated sunroof, opening to the left. Glazing made from tinted PMMA in aviation quality. Baggage compartment of 200 Litres in the rear.


4.cylinder-in-line-BMW-K-engine 1171 ccm, 16 valves, liquid cooling. Dry reinforced monodisc clutch. Sequential PG-gearbox with 4 forward speeds and electrically unlockable reverse, shifted by push-button-selector on left handlebar. Automatic clutch optional. Reinforced BMW-shaft drive. 3 brake discs 320 mm Ø with 4-piston-hydraulic callipers, fully integrated electronic ABS. Ceramic brake discs and brake pads, ASP anti spin control optional. Electrical stabilizer servo system, computer-supervised with cycle-time < 0,5 sec. Semi-automatic, hydraulically operated softmode system optional.

Equipment + Accessories

RECARO-contour-seats with 3-point-automatic-safety belts. Interior covers in high-tech-tissues and sound proofing padding. Airconditioned + heated ventilation system of ample flow with intake air filter. GPS-RDS-4LSP-audio-system. Tempomat cruise control, frontal airbag, Bi-Xenon-lights, CD-players optional.
2 years warranty / 25 years use guaranteed for composite + metal structures


Motorcycle-type handlebars with extended functions. Clutch pedal left, gear- and stabilizer-ops-switches left, integrated brake ops by pedal, aux-brake-lever and twist-throttle right.

Technical Specifications

Empty weight 460-485 kgs. depending on options Max. weight 685 kgs. Tank capacity 50 ltrs. / 14 USG
Dimensions L = 3,65 m B = 1,25 m (Stabilizers up) 1,40 m (down) H = 1,52 m Service 25.000 km / 15’000 miles or annually whichever is first Engine power output 96 kW / 130 HP at 8750/min, max. torque 117 Nm at 6750/min Motronic-controlled injection and 3-way-catalytic converter. Acceleration 0-100 kph = 5,7 sec. Top speed < 250 kph. Brake distance 100-0 = 43 m Turning circle between walls 8.5 m Consumption(ISO 7118): 4,15 l/100km at constant 90 kph 5,05 l/100km at constant 120 kph

Basic price ex factory € 52’500.- (+ local VAT)


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