Say ‘Zed’ and the world knows you mean Kawasaki, the same way Kawasaki is associated with Ninja. It’s in our genes, the genetic makeup that brings the most exciting naked ever to planet motorcycling.


A new generation of riders felt the power of Zed with the Z1000, class leader for the last four years. Now get ready for the new Z1000. The latest Zed that takes raw, hardcore motorcycling to whole new levels.

With its front-located mass and angular lines, the new Z1000 has a dynamic appearance like a sprinter ready to explode out of the starting blocks. The Z1000’s crouching look and muscular proportions are a reflection of its performance. Our new super-naked litre class bike adds strong, responsive acceleration, excellent braking performance and nimble handling in town and in the hills to its outstanding design package.



Exhilarating throttle response

Increased low and mid-range torque offers stronger off-the line acceleration in-town, quicker corner exits when riding in the hills and instantaneous acceleration when overtaking. A new sub-frame reduces engine vibration to a minimum, while the quad style mufflers look more impressive than ever.

Supersport chassis performance

Supersport-level chassis dimensions and high spec Showa suspension are enhanced by an all-new brake package including triple petal disc brakes and radial-mount front brake calipers with an ABS option. The result is the high level of control offered by the new Z1000 – whether accelerating, cornering or enjoying high-speed work.

Balanced riding position

New bodywork offers revised ergonomics in the seat, tank and footpeg areas allowing the rider to hold the perfect line. This ergonomic balance makes it easy for the rider to become as one with the bike for aggressive sport riding.

More details to follow as we receive them……….


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