Generations of bikers have dreamed of the open road rushing beneath their wheels, endlessly changing landscapes drifting past, and a life of new meetings and adventures. Generations of bikers have made that dream come true on a Moto Guzzi. Now the past has caught up with the present and the Moto Guzzi range is once again packed with models that embody the best traditions of yesteryear, plus the latest in advanced technology.

After an absence of nearly twenty years from the Gran Turismo market, Moto Guzzi is now once again its undisputed leader, thanks to a range of machines dedicate to today’s motorcyclists and today’s roads.

In particular, Moto Guzzi has designed and built a bike that offers superb comfort and safety, with all the performance of the glorious 90° V-Twin that has been the unmistakable signature of Mandello del Lario for decades, and is now packed with the latest technical solutions.

The new Moto Guzzi is made to supply the most demanding rider with typical Italian creativity, passion for innovation and original ideas.

Only at Moto Guzzi can modern motorcycle design draw so deeply on the past while carrying motorcycle technology into the future.

The brand new, aerodynamically protective and superbly comfortable Norge 1200 is available in four versions, the T, TL, GT and GTL. The Norge is the flagship of the new Moto Guzzi range, made to dominate the roads of the world. The style and performance of the Norge 1200 are typical of Moto Guzzi and are daily attracting more and more international acclaim.

MOTO GUZZI. INNOVATIVE BY TRADITIONThe G.T. 500 ‘Norge’ is the forerunner of all modern Gran Turismo motorcycles, and merit for its greatest technical innovation, its famous elastic frame with built-in rear suspension, goes to designer Giuseppe Guzzi and his manufacturer brother Carlo.

This revolutionary suspension offered a level of comfort and ridability never experienced previously, and demonstrated Moto Guzzi’s capacity for innovation and manufacturing excellence. The company is renewing that same capacity today, and using the latest technology to create a motorcycle capable of delivering superior performance over the longest distances, together with an extraordinary level of protection and comfort.




Even stationary, the Norge 1200 inspires you with a feeling of all-round protection. Its aerodynamically shaped fairing, down to the leg shields at the front and, splash guards at the rear, envelops you in a formidable barrier against the wind and rain, and extends the pleasure of motorcycling to all seasons.

The impressively comfortable Norge 1200 adapts easily to all riding conditions, demonstrating unparalleled versatility. The windshield provides enhanced protection or improved aerodynamic penetration, so that you can ride through city traffic or devour miles and miles of open road with the same confidence and effortless control.

Not even the night can reduce the pleasure of riding a Norge 1200. Four powerful polyelliptical headlights illuminate the road ahead like no other motorcycle lighting system.

The ride itself is delightfully satisfying thanks to excellent balance and perfect weight distribution. The engine is mounted higher up and further forward than in classical frames, making it easier for the rider to sit comfortably on the seat and giving a more natural and ergonomic riding position. Riding pleasure is further enhanced by the shape of a seat that is just as comfortable even with a passenger behind you.

Rider and machine can enter into a genuine dialogue thanks to an on-board computer operated from conveniently located hand-grip controls. The information on the active matrix LCD display remains easy to read under all lighting conditions.

And so much could be said about the level of equipment, designed for sacrifice-free, all-year-round touring on all routes.




The Norge 1200 is driven by Moto Guzzi’s legendary 90° V-Twin, an engine that has written a whole chapter in history of motorcycling. The unit installed in the Norge 1200, however, is renewed in nearly every component to deliver the most advanced power ever.

With a displacement of 1151 cc, the V-Twin now delivers a maximum power of over 66 kW (95 HP) at 7,500 rpm, and a maximum torque of over 100 Nm at 5,800 rpm.

If, as a rider, you feel that real riding sensations are more important than figures on the printed page, rest assured that these specifications mean an excellent cruising speed, and all the power you could possibly need for safe motorway overtaking and sporty riding through those mountain passes.

Starting is now easier than ever too, no matter what the weather, thanks to an electronic fuel injection system and a throttle stepper motor that guarantees regular idling. Power delivery is smooth but packed with grunt, while emissions and fuel consumption are as low as possible in conformity to Euro3 standards.

Performance is further enhanced by advanced technical solutions like twin spark ignition and injectors installed as near as possible to the valves, directly in the inlet manifolds.

Perhaps the most clearly visible innovation is the position of the alternator, now installed between the two cylinders to make the engine more compact and to improve overall control and ridability. Lighter conrods, pistons and piston rings also keep the weight down. The valve guides are sintered for a smoother sliding action and greater wear resistance too. Other solutions have been incorporated to improve the efficiency of the lubrication system: the high capacity oil pump is now more efficient than ever; the cylinder head also features a hole that delivers a jet of oil directly to the exhaust valve; and the crankcase, sump and cylinder heads have all been modified to improve oil flow.

The engine transmits its power to the rear wheel through Moto Guzzi’s patented CA.R.C. compact reactive shaft drive system. This advanced drive system is integrated in the aluminium alloy swingarm and delivers a consistently smooth, precise response, without the jerks typical of conventional drives. All signs of anti-shaft effect have been eliminated. The intelligent design of the CA.R.C. drive system also means that a single piece swingarm can be fitted, giving far greater overall rigidity.

The six speed gearbox has been tried and tested on the toughest roads. It remains silent and precise, and neutral is easy to find under all conditions. Slick gear changes make control amazingly intuitive and greatly improves riding pleasure.

Ride a Norge 1200 and you’re already half way there.



Moto Guzzi’s touring DNA and limitless passion for long distance touring and shifting horizons have combined with the real life experience of riders who have ridden the roads of the world to define the compact but powerful lines of the magnificent Norge 1200.

The fairing forms an organic shell that envelops the bike in a fascinating variation of concave and convex shapes, and provides a welcoming habitat for rider and passenger. As soon as you sit on the Norge 1200, you get an instant impression of confidence and a feeling of unrivalled comfort and protection.

As you would expect of a Moto Guzzi, the beauty of the Norge 1200 is a superior blend of pure style and practical functionality. Advanced design solutions create a sensation of compactness, and on the road the Norge 1200 behaves with a combination of traffic-beating agility and surprising stability and balance.

The elegant shape of the Norge 1200 blends naturally with the impressive technology of the CA.R.C. shaft drive, the outstanding feature of the right side of the bike. Walk around the Norge 1200, and you will see that it breathes dynamism from every angle. That same dynamism emerges even better on the road, enhanced by the extremely sporting design of the short and streamlined tail.


The Norge 1200’s travel accessories, like the splendid matching panniers, integrate perfectly with the look of the bike without spoiling its sleek lines. For Moto Guzzi, attention to detail is a fundamental aspect of successful design. Even the luggage racks are designed to follow the lines of the bike, and are almost invisible when the panniers are removed.


The aggressive front end, with its powerful light cluster, creates an almost feline smile, ready to tackle the longest of journeys, safely and in style.





Comfort and safety for rider and passenger are guaranteed under all conditions, and straight line stability and precision cornering can be taken for granted. If this is what the dedicated touring motorcyclist needs, then the Norge 1200 is the bike to deliver it. The responsive ride and impressive agility are made possible by a chassis that combines a high strength steel frame with a single sided aluminium swingarm and incorporated reactive drive shaft.

With the Norge 1200, riding satisfaction is guaranteed. Entries into bends are always under total control, and rock steady thanks to a hydraulic fork with massive 45mm stanchions and adjustable preload.

And when you power out again, you cannot fail to appreciate the stabilising action of the single sided swingarm with its rising rate linkages and generous monoshock, adjustable in rebound as well as preload.

The Norge 1200 can be set up to give the perfect ride whatever the road, and to maintain an impressive level of comfort, even with a passenger and a full complement of luggage.

Active safety is provided by a powerful braking system, incorporating two 320mm floating discs and calipers with 4 opposed pistons at the front, and a single 298mm disc with a floating caliper and two parallel pistons at the rear. On slippery surfaces, accidental wheel locking is prevented by an ABS system that is fitted as standard to all versions.

The Norge 1200 gives you everything you could possibly need to tackle that journey you have always been dreaming of in total confidence. So it stands to reason that the bike is more than capable of handling anything the city can throw at it and keep you smiling in the process.


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