The private practice, today on the circuit of Le Mans in France, was ruined by the bad weather. The work program of the day was basically based on the DUNLOP tyres development but the meteorological conditions didn’t allow the two PRAMAC D’ANTIN MOTOGP riders, ALEX HOFMANN and JOSE LUIS CARDOSO, to make many laps with the DUCATI DESMOSEDICI GP06 “Sat.”. In case of rain, there were some news about rain tyres, but the ground never was wet enough to allow their use; while for the slick tyres, the track never remained dry for long enough to test these kind of tyres. From mid-afternoon, the weather slightly improved, but the wind on track was really heavy and more than bringing a lot of dirt on the circuit, it also was a big trouble for the riders. Consequently, the Team prefered to stop the practice. A real pity, especially because this practice day could have been really useful for the race at Mugello on the next 4th June.

ANDRE LAUGIER – Track Engineer of Jose Luis Cardoso: “Today the weather conditions were completely unfavourable to the correct execution of our work program. Initially because of the rain and then also because of the wind there was on track. A really pity, particularly because the development of the tyres is demanding a lot of work, and this practice day was a good occasion to evolve. Unfortunately, against the rain and the wind there was nothing we could have done and, with both riders, we didn’t managed to make more than some ten laps. So we tested only one new rear tyre, which seemed to be slightly better but, to give a better judgement about it, we should test it longer. For the rest, we had no possibility to ride more than this, and so to make other tests. We will go on at Mugello, in not much more than one week”.

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