Even with the heavens opening Airwaves Ducati’s Gregorio Lavilla still managed to post the fastest time in the wet morning warm up which ran before the cancellation of the fifth round of the Bennetts British Sueprbike Championship at Mondello Park.

During the warm up a number of riders succumbed to the wet track and crashed, including Airwaves Ducati rider Leon Haslam who fell on lap four, however he was unhurt. Gregorio Lavilla appeared unaffected by the conditions and set the quickest lap time of the session, 2min 1.403secs, 0.9 seconds faster than any other rider.

After the announcement that the event was to be cancelled, the Airwaves Ducati riders were both disappointed, Leon Haslam was the first to comment saying, “Obviously it’s hugely disappointing the race was cancelled today, I like rain and so far this season we have had two wet races which have gone well for me and the team so who knows how it would have worked out if we had have raced. Mondello is good for racing and I would have gone out if we could have done but it was a good call as the track was flooded and the conditions were just horrible. We have changed the bike a lot and we have found a setting I really like, so roll on Mallory Park.”

Gregorio Lavilla was also disappointed but agreed that the right call had been made saying, “Warm up was unbelievable but considering the rain, and the fact this is one of my worse tracks, I was riding fast. We have done some really good work on the bike and I felt good as I was going faster and faster with each lap in the warm up, but I respect the decision as it was treacherous out there. Everything is working really well at the moment and this weekend gave us the opportunity to test it out so I am very confident for Mallory Park in two weeks time.”


Team manager Colin Wright said, “It was a shame the event had to be cancelled the superbike races were shaping up to be the best this season, wet or dry, so I feel sorry for all concerned. The race directors had a tough decision to make and whilst we are disappointed not have raced we whole heartedly support their decision.”


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