Round: 4 – Bergamo, Italy
Circuit: Valli Bergamasche
Date: 18 June 2006
Crowd: 28500
Temp: 28ºC
Weather: Sunny

Coming into the fourth round of the ’06 World Enduro Championship leading the highly competitive Enduro 2 class French UFO Corse Yamaha rider Johnny Aubert started the GP Valli Bergamasche suffering with Influenza. Disappointingly for Aubert things were to get worse rather than better as a crash in the closing stages of day one resulted in him failing to start day two. Unable to perform at his best due to feeling far from 100 per cent Aubert still managed to push reigning Enduro 2 world champion Samuli Aro hard for much of the day one but crashed heavily on the last special test of the day, which dropped him to third. Managing to fit new tyres to his Yamaha in readiness for day two Aubert was advised my event medical staff to go to hospital prior to the start of the second day as he was suffering with pain in his chest, which was feared might be blood clot. Aubert’s pain was diagnosed as being a broken rib but having travelled to hospital he was unable to start day two. With Aubert placing in third on day one his UFO Corse Yamaha team-mate Stefan Merriman claimed the runner-up spot with Finn Samuli Aro topping the class.


On day two Aro again claimed the E2 class win with Merriman second and Finn Mika Ahola third. By placing in second on both days in Italy Merriman, who scored poorly at the first round of the series in Sweden, lifted himself to the runner-up spot in the E2 championship standings, just 11 points behind class leader Samuli Aro. Despite being unable to match the pace of Aro, Merriman performed consistently on both days having not wanted to take any risks in the dry and rocky conditions. With four rounds of the WEC series remaining Stefan is now looking forward to the first ever WEC events to take place outside of Europe when the world champion ship travels to Canada and the States for rounds five and six.

Johnny Aubert (UFO Corse Yamaha) Enduro 2 class – Day 1: third, Day 2: DNS “Day one was going really well for me but it was hard for me because I was suffering with Influenza before the race. I pushed as hard as I could but I wasn’t going to beat Samuli. I think that second should have been my place on day one. But I crashed really hard on the last lap and dropped to third, which was disappointing. It was still a good result though but I could have been second. When I crashed I hurt my ribs so I went to the doctor before the start of day two. I wasn’t in so much pain but I was blue and there was one place that hurt a lot. They told me to go to the hospital to get checked out properly, which I did, because they were afraid that I might be a blood clot. Thankfully I wasn’t but I had broken some ribs. Because I went to the hospital I was not able to make the start of day two.”


Stefan Merriman (UFO Corse Yamaha) Enduro 2 class – Day 1: second, Day 2: second “If my team-mate Johnny Aubert hadn’t of crashed on day one then I would have been third, so I guess his mistake was good for me and bad for him. Both Samuli Aro and Johnny were really fast on day one but I was happy to have finished in second. It was too easy to get injured here or to DNF because there were so many rocks. I wasn’t prepared to take any risks.I made a few mistakes on both days but I didn’t have any really big crashes. It would have been nice to have won but finishing second on both days is good for my championship. It was an extremely difficult race and it’s frustrating that the organisers only made changes to the race during the race because it was clear that four laps on both days was going to be too difficult before the start of the event.”

Race classification Enduro 2
Round: 4 – Bergamo, Italy
Circuit: Valli Bergamasche

Race 1: 1 Laps
Pos.  Rider Manufacturer  Nat. Total Time
1   S. Aro KTM  FIN  83′ 3.690
2   S. Merriman Yamaha  AUS  +1′ 46.720
3   J. Aubert Yamaha  FRA  +1′ 55.720
4   M. Ahola Honda  FIN  +2′ 13.980
5   A. Botturi Aprilia  ITA  +3′ 48.200
6   X. Galindo KTM  ESP  +3′ 57.970
7   C. Guerrero GasGas  ESP  +4′ 0.090
8   F. Planet KTM  FRA  +4′ 8.010
9   P. Edmondson Honda  GBR  +4′ 54.290
10   V. Salonen HusaBerg  FIN  +4′ 58.770
11   K. Caselli KTM  USA  +5′ 30.780
12   A. Beconi Beta  ITA  +5′ 32.860
13   S. Tonelli Honda  ITA  +5′ 34.050
14   F. Dini Yamaha  ITA  +5′ 40.450
15   A. Toresson Suzuki  SWE  +6′ 38.020
16   E. Albepart Honda  FRA  +6′ 38.050
17   N. Paganon Husqvarna  FRA  +7′ 1.950
18   J. Curvalle Kawasaki  FRA  +7′ 12.230
19   G. Canova Husqvarna  ITA  +8′ 21.350
20   J. Simoncini Suzuki  ITA  +9′ 11.400

Race 2: 1 Laps
Pos.  Rider Manufacturer  Nat. Total Time
1   S. Aro KTM  FIN  85′ 44.810
2   S. Merriman Yamaha  AUS  +24.010
3   M. Ahola Honda  FIN  +1′ 42.480
4   A. Belotti KTM  ITA  +2′ 9.930
5   X. Galindo KTM  ESP  +2′ 12.030
6   A. Botturi Aprilia  ITA  +2′ 51.210
7   C. Guerrero GasGas  ESP  +2′ 57.570
8   V. Salonen HusaBerg  FIN  +3′ 11.140
9   F. Planet KTM  FRA  +3′ 15.080
10   F. Dini Yamaha  ITA  +4′ 5.860
11   N. Paganon Husqvarna  FRA  +4′ 15.290
12   K. Caselli KTM  USA  +4′ 38.410
13   S. Tonelli Honda  ITA  +5′ 7.390
14   E. Albepart Honda  FRA  +5′ 25.050
15   A. Beconi Beta  ITA  +5′ 56.630
16   A. Toresson Suzuki  SWE  +6′ 58.340
17   G. Canova Husqvarna  ITA  +7′ 1.240
18   G. Falgari Kawasaki  ITA  +7′ 28.290
19   J. Simoncini Suzuki  ITA  +8′ 6.920
20   F. Mancinelli Beta  ITA  +10′ 52.500

Championship standings Enduro 2
Pos.  Rider  Manufacturer  Nat. Points
1   Samuli Aro KTM  FIN 178
2   Stefan Merriman Yamaha  AUS 167
3   Mika Ahola Honda  FIN 160
4   Johnny Aubert Yamaha  FRA 150
5   Cristobal Guerrero GasGas  ESP 109
6   Fabien Planet KTM  FRA 108
7   Xavier Galindo KTM  ESP 104
8   Paul Edmondson Honda  GBR 74
9   Valtteri Salonen HusaBerg  FIN 73
10   Alessandro Botturi Aprilia  ITA 72
11   Fabrizio Dini Yamaha  ITA 70
12   Andrea Beconi Beta  ITA 62
13   Andrea Belotti KTM  ITA 61
14   Nicolas Paganon Husqvarna  FRA 45
15   Euan McConnell TM  GBR 44
16   Emmanuel Albepart Honda  FRA 39
17   Petteri Silvan KTM  FIN 28
18   Thierry Klutz Sherco  BEL 21
19   Christophe Nambotin Husqvarna  FRA 20
20   Kurt Caselli KTM  USA 19

Manufacturers standings Enduro 2
Pos. Manufacturer Points
1  Yamaha 184
2  KTM 178
3  Honda 160
4  GasGas 113
5  HusaBerg 73
6  Aprilia 72
7  Beta 67
8  Husqvarna 53
9  TM 43
10  Sherco 31
11  Suzuki 24
12  Kawasaki 16


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