Bill Smith Motors make their intentions known for Centenary TT

Chester motorcycle dealership Bill Smith Motors are making their intentions known for the hundred year anniversary of the Isle of Man TT by fielding an impressive line up of riders and motorbikes. Bill Smith is a famous name at the Island, having won more TT replicas than any other rider in the event’s glittering hundred year history. Bill is also in the history books having won the 1978 formula 3 World title. The fact that a motorcycle racing legend has chosen to field a major team at the hundred year anniversary of the TT is another indication of how big this year’s event will undoubtedly be.


It will, quite literally, be the most followed motorcycle racing event in history. Upwards of 50,000 people will travel to the Isle of Man to see what promises to be the greatest show on earth. Riders, manufacturers and fans will come from the four corners of the globe to be a part of this occasion. The event will be broadcast worldwide in over two hundred countries.


Turning to the rider line up, Bill Smith’s busiest rider will be 31 year old Tim Poole, who will be racing in the Superbike, Senior, Superstock and Supersport classes. Tim is a highly talented and experienced road racer and five times winner at the Island in the Southern 100 (most recently in 2005). As a measure of Tim’s talent, he was the very first rider to lap at over 100mph on a 600 at the Southern 100, an achievement that nobody could match for a subsequent three years. Tim is just as quick on short circuits as he is on the road, having won national races in the fiercely competitive British Supersport 600 Championship.


Although Tim had not ridden the TT circuit until last year he recorded some very credible lap times whilst learning the long and challenging course, going second fastest ever newcomer. He will combine that experience with the highly acclaimed 2007 Yamaha R1 Superbike to run at the front at this year’s high profile event.

Bill Smith Motors Race Manager James Powell says:

“Tim exceeded all expectations last year. On the potent new Yamaha R1 which will be prepared to a very high specification by us producing over 200 horsepower he will be troubling the big names in the Superbike, Senior and Superstock classes. In the Supersport class Tim will be on a factory kitted Triumph 675 producing over 140 horsepower so we certainly expect him to be right up there in that class as well!


Tim will be joined in the Supersport class on another Triumph 675 by 27 year old Ian Mackman, the latter racing at the TT for the first time. Ian is a natural talent that has already won the MRO Supersport 400 title and is being tipped as a title contender in this year’s high profile National Superstock Cup. James Powell says:

“Ian is incredibly enthusiastic. In January he was studying the course with Davy Morgan in the icy cold and rain! He will be another popular character at the TT and a newcomer worth watching.”

Bill Smith are really going for it this year in terms of rider line up. They are currently in talks with a previous TT winner to join Tim and Ian at this year’s prestigious event.

James Powell says:

We want TT winning pedigree in our team. We may even run four riders this year, we certainly haven’t ruled that out”.

“The Sponsorship Opportunity of a Lifetime”

First Sports Sponsorship Agency www.fssaonline.org is helping Bill Smith to identify an appropriate organisation to be a part of this occasion by appearing alongside the North West’s leading motorcycle dealership in joint sponsorship of the Centenary racing team. It needs to be the right organisation, be they inside or outside the motorcycle industry. Whoever Bill Smith partners with stands to benefit hugely in marketing terms by joining Bill Smith for the Centenary TT.”

Chris Morley of First Sports Sponsorship Agency www.fssaonline.org says:

“Literally everyone is familiar with the TT. In the UK it has the same level of recognition as the Olympics. Bang for buck this is the sponsorship opportunity of a lifetime.”

James Powell comments:

“In arriving at a sponsor partner for the Centenary TT, the key is that it is a deal that works for both parties. We want everyone to come away with a lasting positive impression of lining up with Bill Smith at this historic event.”


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