Qatar Test – Day Three Losail, Qatar 15.02.07: Ilmor GP end the Middle East test on a positive note after making some further changes to the bikes set-up today. Jeremy McWilliams was back out on track following an enforced rest day yesterday after sustaining an injury to a muscle in his left leg on Tuesday. Both McWilliams and Pitt started the day strongly as the team continue to adjust the bikes to best match their individual riding styles. McWilliams had a reasonable amount of running time,

Although still suffering a little from the injuries he acquired during the crash in Jerez, the team were pleased with both his and Pitt’s performances over the test. Despite a strong start this morning Pitt suffered an engine issue that took longer than initially¬†anticipated to fix during the midday break meaning he remained off-track for the rest of the afternoon. The test has provided another good learning curve for the team and after making good progress on the engine side of things, focus has shifted slightly on to making adjustments to the chassis which has had a positive impact on the bikes performance.

The team have a lot of work to do during the short break between the tests in Qatar and Jerez but the mood in the Ilmor GP camp remains focussed and optimistic.

Jeremy McWilliams, Ilmor GP Rider:


“I don’t think we can underestimate how much work we still have ahead of us. I’m definitely not where I want to be speed wise yet but we will have some new engine parts to play with in Jerez so hopefully that will make a difference. On a positive note, I tried out a new 16 inch front tyre from Michelin today and it was great, it really helped on the corners.”

Andrew Pitt, Ilmor GP Rider:

“We tried out some different settings this morning at the rear of the bike with the shock and pivot and I definitely felt the benefits of the changes we made to the chassis. It was frustrating not being back out this afternoon but as I said on Tuesday we are definitely making progress, we’re starting to catch up with the rest and I’m looking forward to seeing what we can do in Jerez next week.”

Steve Miller, Ilmor GP Managing Director:

“We’ve learnt a lot over the past three days actually over both recent tests. We needed to understand the exact requirements of the engine before we could really play around with the chassis¬†- the engine has such an enormous impact on the bikes rideability, the riders can’t position the bike on the track effectively if the engine isn’t doing exactly what they want it to do. Now we’ve spent a lot of time working with the engine and we can start to make some changes to the chassis set-up. I think Andrew really felt a difference today and his performance reflected that. I’m also really impressed with Jeremy’s performance, it makes such a big difference having both of the rider’s feedback to work with. We are slowly beginning to catch up on the rest of the pack and I think we’ll find ourselves in a better starting point for the test in Jerez.”


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