HM Plant Honda’s John McGuinness made it clear that he is the man to beat at the Isle of Man TT this week. McGuinness posted the fastest time and unofficially broke his own lap record aboard his Dunlop-shod Honda CBR1000RR Superbike.

Right from the start, the Morecambe-based rider put in an impressive performance around the 37.73-mile mountain course. In the first practice session (Sunday 27 May) McGuinness set the average speed of 122.013mph, aboard his Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade and immediately headed the Superbike timesheets.

On Monday, the evening’s practice was held up for around an hour following a two-machine collision at the start of the session. Practice was suspended while the road was cleared of debris. When the session was restarted the riders were restricted to one lap and, as a result, McGuinness only made one tour on his Superstock bike to finish in third place with an average speed of 118.935mph.

The following evening McGuinness put all three of his HM Plant Honda bikes through their paces around the famous Isle of Man course and, in the process, posted the fastest average speed aboard his superbike, 125.267mph. He finished in sixth and fourth place on his Honda Supersport and Superstock bikes respectively.

By midweek there was no stopping the 33-year-old racer as he broke his own outright lap record of 127.68mph that he set two years ago. McGuinness stopped the clock at 17:42.43seconds, an amazing 127.81mph – a time that no other rider was able to better for the remainder of the week. He finished second in supersport and third in superstock.

On Thursday, despite the fact that the weather was fine, the blustery wind which had been in evidence at the start of Practice Week, returned to pose a few problems for the riders on the mountain section of the course. However, this seemed to make little, if any, difference to McGuinness as he posted the fastest average speed aboard his HM Plant CBR1000RR Superstock machine, 122.359mph. He was a little further down the standings on his superbike, as he was only able to put in one lap from a standing start at the end of the session, and finished fifth.

In today’s final practice session, before the first Superbike race tomorrow, McGuinness went out on his Superstock and Supersport bikes and set average speeds of  124.152mph and 120.789mph respectively.

John McGuinness: “Fantastic, I’m having a brilliant time here. Not only am I fastest but the weather is perfect – no rain for the first time in nine years! Over the week my Supersport and Superstock bikes have improved and we are just about there now and I really can’t fault my Superbike – it’s a weapon. My confidence has grown, I feel like I have done hundreds of laps and I just can’t wait to get out there and race now.”

Consolidated Practice Times – Superbike – as of today
1: J McGuinness        127.810           31 May
2: G Martin                  126.799          1 June
3: B Anstey                 126.146          1 June
4: I Lougher                 125.390          31 May

Consolidated Practice Times – Supersport – as of today
1: B Anstey                 122.008           31 May
2: J McGuinness        121.908          31 May
3: G Martin                  121.310           31 May
4: I Lougher                120.523           30 May

Consolidated Practice Times – Superstock – as of today
1; J McGuinness        124.152           2 June
2: I Hutchinson            124.066          2 June
3: J Griffiths                123.382          30 May
4: G Martin                  123.234          30 May

TT Timetable


Saturday 3rd June

13:00                          TT Superbike Race (6 laps)
15:45 to 16:45                       Solo Practice (TT Superstock & Supersport Junior TT)
16:55 to 17:25                      Sidecar Practice

Monday 5th June

10:45                           TT Superstock Race (4 laps)
13:15                          Sidecar TT Race A (3 laps)
14:45 to 15:20                        Solo Practice (Supersport Junior TT & Senior TT)

Wednesday 7th June

10:45                           Supersport Junior TT Race (4 laps)
13:15                          Sidecar TT Race B (3 laps)
15:00 to 15:35                      Solo Practice (Senior TT)

Friday 9th June

10:45                           Senior TT Race (6 laps)
14:00                           Lap of Honor and Classic Parade


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